The Stairs, early on in the construction process - The Dipsea detour refers to a reroute of the normal everyday foot traffic that was on the trail. The holes are approximately in line with all the posts for the railing system. This was an add-on to the design of the project that I (unilaterally) added. The slope of the hill side in this area is extreme and I wanted to insure the stairs are well anchored to the soil. The board on the left is the actual coarse of the stairs. This is where the architect did a good job- I was able to take her dimensions and lay them out on the board and then position the board in such a way so I could determine the exact positioning of the stair case. The walkway on the right was the only way to effectively clambor up and down the trail whilst we were building the forms for the stairs. What is also important to note is that where all the footings were - we placed reebar going down into the footings to insure that the concrete was well achored. Also- you may notice towards the bottom ofthe stairway- a large swatch of gravel. This was put in by the MMWD. They replaced the water line that was inthe vicinity and at the bottom was where they filled a trench with compacted gravel .