Payments Page

Here you can pay me with your Visa/mc. By clicking on this button you will be magically transported to Paypals secure payment page. Once you arrive at that page you can type in the amount you wish to pay(with your CC) and then click on the "update" link. It should then display the correct total (ie: corresponding to the latest invoice you have from me).

Then - in the middle of the page (but towards the bottom) is a link that says something like "pay with Debit/credit card" (this is a little confusing because right above that link it says something like "logon to Paypal" account and you don't need to do that (if you want to -and have a Paypal account - fine) but it is probably faster and easier to just use the link for paying with you Credit/Debit card.

Once you click on that (pay with credit/debit) you are sent to a secure page where you enter your CC/DBT card info. (And just so you know - I never see this information. You are on Paypals secure web site. Paypal simply forwards the funds to my Paypal account) And that's it!

Again - thanks for your prompt payment, I genuinely appreciate it.

Guy Palmer.

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